While people and businesses across the globe tread the uncertain waters of the COVID-19 pandemic, how do you ensure the continuity of services, and that your business functions remain up and running amidst uncertainty? You may be facing a situation where you are short-staffed; or your employees might now be working from home. To tide you through these challenging times, we have 10 tips across 4 major verticals for keeping your NetSuite account running smoothly.



  1. Review website tracking and analytics regularly to know what’s working and what isn’t and to gain insights around trends
  2. Review performance of web pages such as page load time, requests per second, bounce rate,  error rate and overall weight
  3. Check for broken links on pages for a seamless customer experience


  1. Ensure the Application Performance Management bundle is installed to effectively monitor performance of records, searches, user event scripts, workflows, RESTlets, scheduled scripts and Suitelets
  2. Appropriate logging levels for scripts by setting log level to ‘error’
  3. Use the Script Queue Manager to ensure that important scheduled scripts execute on the most available queues, as well as for splitting the script load across multiple queues


Account administration 

    • Since admins have full visibility into all areas of a NetSuite account, and complete access to the Setup Manager where system features and billing information are available, limit admin-access to only 1-2 persons and create new roles with elevated permissions, if needed



    • Create dashboards for a unified view of integration-related data, especially where multiple systems are involved
    • Monitor error notifications regularly
    • Check acknowledgements for confirmation that EDI connections are working correctly


How to manage your NetSuite account


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