Prerequisites for implementing a connection from Slack to Boomi.

  • Create a Slack application and get the Client ID and Client Secret
  • Get the OAuth access token for making Web API calls


  1. Create an app.

  • Go to Slack API documentation Slack API
  • On the top right corner, click on Your Apps

Slack Dell Boomi integration

  • Click on Create New App.

Slack Dell Boomi integration

  • Select From scratch.
  • Assign a name for the app, select the workspace and click Create app.


Slack Dell Boomi integration


  • Now you will have all the required app credentials.

    Scroll down, copy and save the CLIENT ID and CLIENT SECRET from App credentials.
  • Add the redirect URL of the Boomi account under the oauth and permissions tab.

  {accountID}/oauth2/callback and now save the URL.


Slack Dell Boomi integration



  2) Adding required Scopes.

You will have to grant your Slack app the required scopes in order for you to publish messages either as a user or as an app or bot. Sending messages to a channel requires channel:write, and viewing basic information of a channel requires the channel:read scope. Sending DM’s requires im:write, while sending on a user’s behalf requires the chat:write scope.

  • Go to settings of your app and navigate to OAuth and permissions.
  • Scroll down to the Scopes section and pick the required scope from the drop down menu.
  • Click Save changes.
  • Now scroll to the top of the page and click on Install to workspace.
  • Now you see a screen requesting permission to grant access, selecting the original workspace will authorize your app.

Slack Dell Boomi integration


The OAuth access token and Bot user OAuth Access tokens should now be available.

Slack Dell Boomi integration


Copy the Bot User OAuth Access Token, as it is the authorization required for making Web API calls through Boomi.


Once Slack has been set up, it is time to make the Boomi connection for push notifications.

  • Consider HTTP Client connector 
  • Establish a HTTP Client connection in Boomi. 
  • The connection URL should be (


HTTP Client connection:

  • In Http client connection give the Slack URL  and Authentication type as NONE


Slack Dell Boomi integration



HTTP Connector Operation

  • Under the Request headers tab, in authorization field give the Bot User OAuth Access Token  
  • Content-type parameter should be specified as per requirement (ex:application/json; charset=utf-8 )
  • Under the Resource path tab, should be the body of the data we post to channel


Slack Dell Boomi integration


  • Below you can see the request profile for which values have been sent
  • In the Channel field, map the Slack channel name to which the request message is being sent
  • In the Text field, map the message that will be sent to Slack


Slack Dell Boomi integration




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