Enterprise applications need to be integrated with multiple on-premises and/or SaaS apps to deliver their full value. As businesses leverage numerous SaaS applications, they often face issues integrating with other applications and look for solutions to make their apps or services work efficiently. Without a streamlined solution, businesses face expensive, complex, and time-consuming challenges, which ultimately deviate their focus from core operations.

Dell Boomi has emerged as a one-stop solution for all types of integration requirements. It connects any combination of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), cloud, or on-premises applications with a simple do-it-yourself approach. Boomi AtomSphere® allows you to integrate and migrate data from applications and legacy systems to NetSuite. AtomSphere is the centralized platform that helps in connecting with on-premises or SaaS applications from various lines of business or across geographies, to deliver enterprise-grade integration with all of the benefits one would expect from a cloud-based solution. AtomSphere provides configurable options which can be used to set event-driven triggers to synchronize data in near real-time time periods (as frequently as every single minute) to ensure that you have the right information whenever you need it.

Key benefits of using the Dell Boomi Integration platform are as follows :

A. Dell Boomi performs integration and monitoring activities in the cloud with centralized control. For the execution of integration activities, the integration process to share data among applications is packaged into a runtime engine which can then be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, depending on the company’s security considerations.

B. The IT capabilities of the Dell Boomi Integration platform support a mix of on-premises and cloud application integrations, such as “on-premises-to-on-premises”, “on-premises-to-cloud” or “cloud-to-cloud integration” or even across core information systems, subsidiaries, regions, and partners. It helps to monitor and manage the hybrid integration landscape globally using a single pane.

C. Dell Boomi facilitates fast and robust integration between e-commerce and supporting applications for B2C and B2B merchants. It seamlessly integrates business processes with storefront and applications for inventory, order management, financials, CRM, content management, email and digital marketing campaigns, payments clearance, etc.

D. Dell Boomi provides global cloud integration capabilities which can be deployed with minimal coding and in less than half the time of code-based technology.

E. Dell Boomi helps to automate various back-office processes in NetSuite such as the synchronization of product catalogs between CRM and NetSuite, sending order confirmations and invoices via EDI, migration of data from legacy systems to NetSuite, etc. This activity helps organizations focus on key activities such as sales optimization, optimization of financial reports, budget forecasting, and planning, etc.

F. Dell Boomi integration helps to streamline the employee onboarding and customer onboarding processes. Disconnected onboarding processes can lead to unsatisfied employees or customers which can be expensive for an organization in long run. It helps in automating various tasks such as automating pre-hire recruitment tasks for all hires or role-specific automated provisioning of applications etc. This leads to accelerated productivity, reduced turnover rate, and meets high expectations of tech-savvy personnel with the seamless provisioning of payroll, benefits, direct deposits, etc.

G. Many companies look to utilize data from their devices and search for technology platforms to drive business improvements and transform their operations. To benefit from IoT (Internet of Things), organizations need an agile and unified platform that makes it quick and easy to integrate device data into core business systems. Dell Boomi is one such solution that can fulfill all your requirements by giving the following benefits at the core of its integration platform :

  1. Process Anywhere: Boomi seamlessly supports connecting IoT data with your enterprise applications and systems. The Boomi Atom, which is a run-time integration engine, can easily connect device data and platform residing on-premise, in the cloud, or at the network edge.
  2. Connecting with Best-of-Breed: Cloud and on-premise applications can be rapidly connected with device data through Boomi’s best-of-breed connectors for a diverse range of Internet of Things protocols, which help to unify IoT networks with your hybrid IT environment.

Key Features of the Dell Boomi Integration platform for NetSuite ERP are as follows :

A. Improving sales and marketing processes to optimize Prospect-to-Revenue conversion (CRM to ERP such as CRM to NetSuite ERP data synchronization): Dell Boomi allows the integration of sophisticated workflows between CRM and NetSuite ERP to support various campaigns related to lead-to-customer (or quote-to-cash) workflows and functionalities.

B. Predictive assistance for proactive support: Dell Boomi’s Predictive Assistance service is another key differentiator, integrating near-real-time customer usage metrics with a CRM system. Predictive assistance allows the customer success team to proactively help you identify potential issues and suggest ways that could increase your success and optimize the use of your AtomSphere implementation.

C. Customer 360: Dell Boomi helps to turn data into revenue with a unified customer view and streamline an omnichannel commerce experience across B2B or B2C business models. Boomi helps you connect with your customer data from any source (call center data, CRM etc) at any time so you can keep pace as buyers move across channels. It integrates data across various technologies such as e-commerce platforms, physical POS systems, call centers, and inventory management in real-time to meet demands to buy, pick up, and return goods by the channel of choice.

D. With a single-instance multi-tenant architecture, Dell Boomi can seamlessly integrate any combination of cloud-based SaaS applications to extend the NetSuite platform. Dell Boomi is a single platform that allows customers to quickly and easily share data between their applications, which can help companies realize true business value from untapped data that has been hidden away in spreadsheets or burdened by overly manual processes.

With more than decades of experience and a team of in-house experts, Tvarana is a one-stop Certified Dell Boomi Integration service provider and implementation partner of NetSuite ERP Software.

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