Organizations that use NetSuite often engage in transactions that require multiple levels of approval. This can lead to the user becoming overwhelmed with a number of transactions that need to be re-directed to their designated approvers for the next steps in the approval process, which can be time-consuming and cumbersome overall. However, Tvarana’s External User App expedites the approval process of transactions in NetSuite. This application’s main benefit is that it allows the user to add multiple approvers on the native NetSuite platform simultaneously, with minimal cost.

What’s more, it is built in such a way that the approver simply needs to click on the notification email that is sent to them by the app and they can easily view the transactions awaiting approval.

This app authorizes the approvers to take preliminary actions on the transactions such as adding comments, approving/rejecting, or viewing transactions. The main user only needs to administer transactions that have been screened at the primary level, which benefits them since they do not need to invest as much time in each transaction. In addition, the responsive design makes the application accessible from a range of devices (desktop/mobile), thus enhancing the user experience.

With such advantages, this feature is a smart choice for NetSuite users as it improves operational efficiency, is easily accessible, saves time, and minimizes costs!

Team Tvarana believes in innovation and enhancements to improve your NetSuite experience as much as possible!

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