A challenge many businesses face is following up on unpaid invoices. Manual follow-ups take a considerable number of human work hours, and time is money! Lack of automation creates productivity and efficiency issues, hurts customer service, negatively impacts cash flow, Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and growth. Built on the NetSuite platform, Tvarana Bulk Email Invoices is designed to make your invoicing and collections process a breeze. Bulk Email Invoices comes with an interactive screen, the ability to attach multiple invoices, follow-ups on open invoices and many more features.


The Email Automation feature is used to send emails to customers automatically based on Invoice due date.

Bulk Email Invoices Tvarana Email Automation NetSuite

  • To start scheduling the automation process Initially navigate to the BEI configuration page and check the “START AUTOMATION PROCESS” checkbox.
  • Based on the requirements, set up the configuration page.
  • Enter “NO OF DAYS BEFORE DUE DATE” AND “NO OF DAYS AFTER DUE DATE” to send emails to the customers.
  • Choose appropriate email templates in the “EMAIL TEMPLATE BEFORE” field to send emails before the Due Date on Invoice.
  • Select the Email templates for four dunning levels in the Follow-up configuration section.
  • The four dunning levels with different email templates will be triggered automatically as per frequency setup in the “FREQUENCY OF REMINDER AFTER DUE DATE” field.
  • Exclude Partial paid invoices by Checking the checkbox “EXCLUDE PARTIALLY PAID INVOICES”.
  • To include a customer statement, check the “INCLUDE CUSTOMER STATEMENT” checkbox.
  • To include a customer statement with only open transactions, check the “INCLUDE CUSTOMER STATEMENT(ONLY OPEN TRANSACTIONS)” checkbox.
  • To include the transactions of the child customer check the “INCLUDE CHILD STATEMENTS” checkbox.
  • The “THRESHOLD AMOUNT” value can be set so the emails will be sent to customers only if the due amount exceeds the threshold amount.
  • Click on the Submit button to save the modified configuration.

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