One of the feature our clients preferred was to have an option of receiving payments from their customers in currency other than the default currency in the Sales Invoice.

Being a committed NetSuite service provider, we took up the challenge and build an application using NetSuite SuiteCommerce platform which could address our clients concern.

Our in-house team of dedicated NetSuite experts helped us find a comprehensive solution called “Customer Payment App”. This application assists the user to maintain and update the records when any of their customers process payments in currencies different from Sales Invoice currency.

So how does this app work?

Well consider a scenario, where the user has raised an Invoice in USD currency and the customer prefers to make the payment in GBP currency. Once the customer has made payment in GBP currency, using the custom Suitelet, they can select the Invoice number and the currency in which they have made the payment. Once this is saved, two entries are generated. The first entry is the standard customer payment with current Invoice number whilst the second entry is details of internal funds transfer created between bank accounts of payment currency and Sales Invoice currency.

Features of Customer Payments App :

  • It helps users to receive Invoice payments as per the customer’s convenience of preferred currency. This gives them a seamless payment experience with an integrated E-commerce system.
  • Our Customer Payment app is developed by team of skilled professionals having decades of experience in serving NetSuite Customers.
  • All our applications on SuiteApp marketplace are verified by NetSuite team which gives the users an assurance that all their transactions are carried as per highest security and quality guidelines.

We believe in constantly improving your NetSuite experience with our Innovation and Technical Expertise.