Created by Tvarana, a NetSuite SDN partner since 2014, SkyDoc is a document management solution, integrated into the NetSuite platform, that enables internal and external collaboration and document sharing. This “Built for NetSuite” verified solution finds its origin in the necessity to make file management on NetSuite a simpler, more user-friendly process.

Skydoc expands on NetSuite’s file storage capabilities by leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS). It connects the Simple Storage Solution (S3) from AWS to NetSuite using APIs in both applications. Users can now leverage NetSuite for business process automation, and AWS for inexpensive data storage through Skydoc.

Cloud storage users might wonder how SkyDoc differs from Box? Founded by Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith, Box is a cloud computing company based out of Redwood City California that offers users file storage, sharing and collaborating capabilities. The table below covers feature comparisons between SkyDoc and Box.

SkyDoc vs Box

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