Storage is crucial in cloud-based systems, affecting how well they perform, how secure your data is, and what it costs. Netsuite is a cloud-based ERP system, and managing storage is a big deal.

In Netsuite, you have the NetSuite document Cabinet, a virtual folder system for storing and managing your documents and documents in the cloud. You can upload, download, organize your documents. But this could get pretty expensive when you work with a lot of/large documents and also has limited features. 

This is where SkyDoc could make a huge difference to your business!

SkyDoc is a Built-for-NetSuite SuiteApp that lets you store, share, and access all your documents in the cloud using Amazon S3, a safe, scalable and a very cost effective storage service. SkyDoc is seamless and plugs right into your NetSuite account.

It comes with a bunch of features that make managing documents and folders in Netsuite super easy. You can drag and drop documents from your desktop to Netsuite, making things efficient.

It also helps you manage different versions of documents and connects with Netsuite’s email system, so you can send emails with big document attachments without any problems.

You can handle related transactions and record documents with just one click in the SkyDoc subtab for any record you need.

It allows various operations like moving, copying, attaching documents, adding notes, previewing documents, leaving comments, deleting, and checking out documents with a single tap.

You can even use a QR scanner and an external email upload feature to attach documents from external devices as needed.

The SkyDoc suiteapp includes a portal securely integrated with Netsuite, which lets you share, sign and approve documents through it, without you needing an additional NetSuite license! 

You can also upload documents from the portal to be received in NetSuite directly.

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