Sanath Kumar Siripuram is a Technical Consultant who specializes in customizing NetSuite to meet client requirements at Tvarana. Working under the scripting team, his role involves understanding business processes, gathering requirements, providing estimates, and developing suite script customizations. Additionally, he coordinates project updates to clients alongside the team manager.

Throughout his tenure at Tvarana, Sanath has been involved in various challenging projects. He notably contributed to an important project for client Lagos, gaining valuable expertise in NetSuite Inventory Management. This project proved to be a fulfilling experience for both Sanath and his clients over the past two years, thanks to his dedication and continuous support from his manager.

Recently, Sanath has been providing technical support on a project for client Taboola, where he honed his skills in customizing Advanced PDFs and Email templates. Furthermore, he demonstrated his analytical capabilities by examining scripts within the account, which greatly enhanced his problem-solving abilities. Currently, he is engaged in a dynamic implementation project that has allowed users to configure customizations without the need to modify scripts in the future, making it an exciting challenge that he embraces wholeheartedly.

Sanath’s passion for coding and software systems began during his high school days. His interest in Tvarana was sparked during his graduation when he learned about the company’s collaboration with his college to bridge the gap between graduates and the IT sector. The day he was hired by Tvarana marked a significant milestone in his life, and he remains grateful for the opportunities and transformative experiences the company has provided him.

At Tvarana, Sanath values the supportive work culture and positive work-life balance. The company’s commitment to promoting a healthy environment has allowed him to dedicate ample time to his family and personal pursuits, contributing to his overall well-being and happiness. Sanath’s dedication and skills have not gone unnoticed within the organization. His successful handling of a critical project led to recognition from senior management, boosting his confidence and further solidifying his commitment to the company’s success.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Sanath cherishes fond memories of his school trip to Ooty, Mysore, and Bangalore, where he explored nature and historical monuments with friends. Additionally, during his free time, he indulges in creative pursuits such as creating memes and engaging in editing activities. These hobbies provide him with a creative outlet to express himself and think innovatively.

Inspired by his grandfather’s perseverance and hard work, Sanath aspires to follow in his footsteps, never settling for less. Having grown up in a hostel during his high school days, he has learned valuable life lessons, becoming more independent and responsible in managing his daily tasks and making decisions without having to rely on family members. Staying with people from different backgrounds has exposed Sanath to various cultures, customs, and traditions, contributing to personal growth, emotional intelligence, and a deeper appreciation for relationships.

When it comes to entertainment, Sanath enjoys watching the Harry Potter series, Avengers Infinity War, and KGF. and TV shows like Saregamapa and The Kapil Sharma show.

Among the places he has visited, Dwaraka, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, holds a special place in Sanath’s heart. Additionally, celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with his family is a cherished tradition that brings joy and togetherness.

In conclusion, Sanath Siripuram’s journey with Tvarana has been nothing short of life-changing. His dedication, passion, and continuous pursuit of excellence have contributed to his professional growth and personal development. As he looks ahead, he remains excited to continue growing with Tvarana and contributing to the company’s ongoing success.

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