SkyDoc by Tvarana is document management system built on the NetSuite platform. With SkyDoc you can share all your important documents securely, collaborate with users outside of the NetSuite ecosystem and pay only for the storage you use.

SkyDoc comes with a number of useful features, and in this blog, we will discuss Auto Sweep. With SkyDoc Auto-Sweep, any files attached to NetSuite records such as transactions, entities, cases, or activities can be automatically transferred to SkyDoc for safe and secure storage. These files can then be easily accessed from within the SkyDoc subtab in NetSuite.

To set up the SkyDoc Auto-Sweep feature, you need to initially configure the Auto Upload Tool Configuration page. Here’s how:


SkyDoc NetSuite storage suiteapp


  • Navigate to the SkyDoc Auto Upload Tool Configuration page:
  • Navigate to the Auto Upload Tool Configuration page.
  • In the “SEARCHES TO UPLOAD FILES” field, enter the appropriate saved searches that will identify the files you want to upload to SkyDoc.
  • In the “LAMBDA URL” field, enter the Lambda URL of your AWS account.
  • If you want to delete the file from NetSuite after it has been uploaded to SkyDoc, enable the “DELETE FILE AFTER UPLOAD” checkbox.
  • If required, select default folders for different records in the fields provided to upload the Transaction NetSuite Files to SkyDoc.
  • Enable the checkboxes of record or message attachment types on which to perform Auto Upload.

Once you have configured the Auto Upload Tool, any files attached to NetSuite records that match your saved searches will be automatically uploaded to SkyDoc, making it easy to manage and access your documents.


Validation of SkyDoc Auto Sweep:

To validate the SkyDoc Auto Sweep feature, follow these steps:

  1. Attach a file to any transaction, entity, case or activity record in NetSuite.
  2. Navigate to the “Transferring File” (schedule script) page and execute the script. This will trigger the transfer of attached files to SkyDoc.
  3. Go to the SkyDoc tab of the same record and check if the file has been uploaded successfully.
  4. Navigate to the “Deleting Files” (schedule script) page and execute the script to delete the file from NetSuite.
  5. Check if the file has been deleted from the record in NetSuite.

If the file has been successfully uploaded to SkyDoc and deleted from NetSuite, then the SkyDoc Auto Sweep feature is working as expected.

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