SkyDoc is a document management solution that enables internal and external collaboration and document sharing. This “Built for NetSuite” verified solution finds its origin in the necessity to make file management on NetSuite a simpler, more user-friendly process.

SkyDoc expands on NetSuite’s file storage capabilities by leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS). It connects the Simple Storage Solution (S3) from AWS to NetSuite using APIs in both applications. Users can now leverage NetSuite for business process automation, and AWS for inexpensive data storage through SkyDoc.

SkyDoc’s checkout feature allows users to see when a file is being viewed/edited by someone else. This feature – similar to checking out a book in a library – prevents multiple people from working on the same file simultaneously. 

To use the checkout feature:

  • Upload a file in the SkyDoc tab of a record
  • Select the file and click on the Check Out button

SkyDoc Checkout process 1

  • An alert message is displayed after clicking on the Check Out button

SkyDoc Checkout process 2

  • A pop-up alerts you before the file download begins

SkyDoc Checkout process 3

  • Once the file has been checked out, an X appears beside the file name in the display list, along with the name of the person who checked it out

SkyDoc Checkout process 4

  • A warning message alerts other users trying to upload the same file

SkyDoc Checkout process 5

  • Users can either choose to proceed by clicking the OK button, or cancel the checkout by clicking the Cancel button
  • If the user clicks Ok, a pop up appears, the file is uploaded and the X beside the file name disappears

SkyDoc Checkout process 6

  • If the original owner tries to re-upload the file, there will be no warning pop-up. The file will upload, removing the X and the name of the person checking out the file from the checkout column


Need more info on SkyDoc features and how it can help ease your NetSuite storage issues? Set up a demo with a member of our team today.

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