SkyDoc App helps to enhance Netsuite’s storage capabilities by integrating seamlessly with Amazon S3. NetSuite provides only 10GB of free space to add files within NetSuite file cabinet. If you need additional space above 10GB, you need to take premium package at higher price. To overcome this limitation we developed solution called “SkyDoc” which helps you to attach a file, an image, a document etc to NetSuite ERP record (like transaction, a custom record, an entity etc).

We have more than 20 clients using SkyDoc as their preferred storage solution. They have some great things to say about the product and apart from feature-rich solutions, SkyDoc has reduced their storage cost by more than 80%.

Please visit here or here to get more details about feature and pricing of SkyDoc app.

NetSuite is one of the best Cloud ERP solutions in the world. With more than decades of experiences and a team of in-house experts, Tvarana provides NetSuite support services for NetSuite ERP Software.

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