SkyDoc is a document management solution built into the NetSuite platform that enables internal and external collaboration and document sharing. Its conception and development came from the need to make file management on NetSuite a simpler, more user-friendly process. After its acquisition by Oracle Corporation in 2016, NetSuite users found themselves being charged for storage overages. SkyDoc was then launched to expand NetSuite’s file storage capabilities, by leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS). SkyDoc connects the Simple Storage Solution (S3) from AWS to NetSuite using APIs in both applications. This helps users leverage NetSuite for business process automation, and AWS for inexpensive data storage.

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With the SkyDoc half-yearly upgrade release just around the corner, users can expect some exciting features and enhancements such as:

  • Email templates
  • Mass upload up to 100 files at a time
  • Adding notes against transactions within a folder/category
  • Inline editor to easily categorize files in the SkyDoc display list
  • Audit trail for SkyDoc file downloads in NetSuite
  • A portal built for external users to access NetSuite
  • A dashboard for SkyDoc related information such as total number of files, folders, and storage used
  • Merging of SkyDoc files into a master record while performing Entity Duplicate Resolution in NetSuite
  • Triggering approval workflow by manually selecting files from a list
  • SkyDoc automatically choosing the correct folder based on the subsidiary of the record that a file is uploaded to
  • Entering a transaction number in the search field to easily pick a document to move/copy
  • Access SkyDoc files directly from the saved search results page


SkyDoc 2019.2 Upgrades


Do you have employees, vendors or contacts who don’t have a NetSuite account? As a solution for external users to upload/download files to SkyDoc, or approve files sent by a NetSuite user, SkyDoc portal launches alongside the 2019.2 release. This portal is simple, user-friendly and is accessed through a unique password-protected link generated and sent by a NetSuite user.

Tvarana SkyDoc Portal


Finally, a sneak peek of what we have coming in early 2020 with the next SkyDoc upgrade….

Tvarana SkyDoc Roadmap

Need more info on SkyDoc features and how it can help ease your NetSuite storage issues? Set up a demo with a member of our team today.


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