Cash Flow Statement is a SuiteApp designed by Tvarana for streamlining financial transactions. It seamlessly integrates with the NetSuite interface to allow for accurate tracking of bank account balances and transactions made within a stipulated timeframe. Unlike NetSuite’s native cash flow reporting, the Cash Flow Statement SuiteApp gives detailed information at the transaction level for each account in any given time period, with the flexibility to view accounts dealing in a number of different currencies. It allows users to view cash flows for vendors, customers and internal employees, along with the subsidiary and currency to know their final balance.

The app displays transactions in the form of:

  • Invoices
  • Expense reports
  • Bills


How does it work?

  • Navigation for the Cash Flow Statement app is as follows Transactions > Cash Flow Statement > Cash Flow Statement 


Cash Flow Statement SuiteApp Navigation


  • The Cash Flow Statement SuiteApp once opened will look like the screenshot below


Cash Flow Statement Filters


  • Users will need to enter a ‘from’ date in the field provided, with the ‘to’ date auto-populating to 30 days from the ‘from’ date. Once the ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates are selected, a dropdown for currency will be displayed. Selecting a currency type from the dropdown triggers a workflow that will display accounts and their transactions for that currency in the given time period.


Cash flow Statement SuiteApp currency


Cash Flow Statement SuiteApp currency


  • Select from the cash accounts displayed by clicking on one. This opens a screen with a detailed breakdown of transactions like bills, invoices and expense reports. The account current balance as well as the final balance after transactions are applied can be seen. The app screen displays the first 50 transactions with a due date before the given ‘to’ date.


Cash Flow SuiteApp screen


  • The weekly forecast section breaks down the 30-day statement period into 4 weeks, showing the projected cash flow and account balance for each week based on the selected transactions.


NetSuite Cash Flow Statement SuiteApp weekly forecast


Interested in streamlining your company’s cash flow? Tvarana’s team of experts can help you out! Set up a Cash Flow Statement demo today. 




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