Polaiah Yalagala is a technical consultant with the scripting team at Tvarana, working on designing and implementing technical solutions for clients based on their business requirements. Being a senior resource, Polaiah serves as a mentor to three team members. He is currently working on an exciting project with partner Crowe for their client Firstlight Power, involving the integration between NetSuite and the IBM enterprise asset management software, Maximo. Based in Massachusetts, Firstlight Power is a renewable energy supplier operating hydroelectric, energy storage, and solar projects that produce clean, dependable electricity for more than 1.3 million New England homes. He is also working on a REST API integration project for B2B marketing agency client, Oliver. (Read our post on NetSuite REST API Integration With Mulesoft Using OAuth2)

Polaiah has been working with Tvarana for the last five years. After being alerted by a friend and ex-employee, he attended a walk-in drive that Tvarana was conducting, and was hired after a rigorous interview process. Tvarana’s end-to-end recruitment strategy for new candidates as well as the immersive training program for those selected were factors that influenced his decision to take up the offer. He especially enjoys the collaborative process and sharing of ideas that goes into the planning of new projects.

Polaiah comes from the village of Vaddemgunta, a rural area in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, where he grew up and did most of his schooling. He relocated a number of times for his higher education, completing his Masters in Computer Applications in the city of Vishakapatnam, and then finally moving to Hyderabad to work for Tvarana, where he currently resides. Growing up in Vaddemgunta, Polaiah was an active child, spending most his time playing outdoors with friends. He was actively involved in sports during his school years, and was especially fond of cricket and kabaddi.

Polaiah draws inspiration from his father, who still resides in his home village. As a child he was fascinated by workings of his father’s agriculture business and spent much time assisting him. Working closely with his father taught him the values of hard work and self-reliance. Vaddemgunta holds a special place in his heart, and he looks forward to going back and visiting his family any chance he can get. Polaiah and his parents host a reunion every five years, gathering his extended family from different places in an endeavor to stay connected.

When he isn’t working Polaiah enjoys watching sci-fi or Marvel movies and spending time in solitude. He is currently catching up on Netflix series like Lost and 100.

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