Maneendra Gorrie is a Senior Technical Consultant at Tvarana where he works on projects for multiple clients, as well as helps build large-scale internal apps. Maneendra is currently a dedicated resource for a global digital media agency, M&C Saatchi, for whom he has developed multiple customizations. One of the most exciting and memorable projects that he has completed is Bulk Email Attachments for M&C Saatchi. To summarize, this project required Maneendra to work on a scalable solution where multiple payments can be sent to the customer as email attachments. Maneendra has also contributed to the development of the Leasing App, which is for internal company use. He has written multiple scripts and designed complex reports for this app.
Maneendra was born and raised in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. He did his primary and secondary schooling in Surayapalem village and college in Nellore, finally moving to Hyderabad in 2018. His brother Hari, who incidentally is an ex-Tvarana employee, has played an integral role in his career, providing him with much-needed guidance and advice. Maneendra has many fond memories from his time growing up in Suryapalem; playing cricket and swimming with friends on weekends, and cycling to school during the week. He was a good student during his school days, and one particular incident stands out in his memory when he won a prize for solving a complex math problem in tenth grade. His classmates were stumped by the problem and shocked when he was able to solve it, and his teacher was greatly impressed.
Maneendra first learned about Tvarana when a friend recommended the company as a good place to work. He heard that Tvarana provided a great balance of work and personal life, had a very encouraging management team, and interesting technologies which would be helpful for career growth. This led him to apply and subsequently join Tvarana. Working here has given him the opportunity to showcase his skills, and he has gained valuable knowledge from his engagements on different projects. Maneendra enjoys not just the work he does at Tvarana, he also values the good times he has had with his colleagues at various outings, in particular his first team event at Hidden Castle Resort, located just outside of Hyderabad.
Maneendra values family time and observes important regional festivals like Pongal in the most traditional way. He considers Kanyakumari to be his all-time favorite place to visit. During his downtime, Maneendra enjoys watching current affairs and re-watching some of the old classic movies.
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