Our Employee Corner blog for the month of May features Tvarana Deputy Manager of Accounts, Maimuna Begum. Maimuna’s professional journey led her to work for Tvarana’s accounts department 2.5 years ago. Collaborating closely with M. Raghavan and A. Sangeetha, she efficiently manages all accounting and payroll-related activities, reconciliation tasks, and employee data maintenance. She enjoys the inclusive work culture at Tvarana, and takes pride in the work she has been doing.

Prior to her time at Tvarana, Maimuna engaged in voluntary work, shaping the financial management affairs of her housing community. In this role, she successfully managed the financial aspects of more than 2500 homes. From revenue and capital expenditure, budgeting to financial movement, taxation, and audit control, Maimuna handled a wide range of responsibilities with enthusiasm and diligence. The experience provided her with valuable knowledge and further strengthened her passion for financial management.

Maimuna acknowledges the significant personal growth she has experienced throughout her professional journey. She has honed her skills in time and task management, which allow her to effectively balance her work-life attributes. Moreover, as a business enabler, she offers empathy and comfort to every member of the organization she works with, which gives her a profound a sense of satisfaction. Maimuna finds joy in being able to maintain a good balance between her personal and professional life.

Maimuna’s early life was nomadic due to her father’s job with the Indian Air Force, which lead her to grow up in Defense bases. This upbringing provided her with a unique perspective and exposure to different languages, cultures and places. Attending Kendriya Vidyalaya and participating in community celebrations at the Air Force Station allowed Maimuna to develop an open mindset, ready to embrace change and adapt to new situations. These formative years instilled in her a sense of discipline and an appreciation for diversity.

Maimuna’s journey has been deeply influenced by her mother, who exemplified qualities of standing for what is right, speaking with intention, and embracing the beauty of tenderness. Her mother’s values of resilience and perseverance have become ingrained in Maimuna’s character. She feels honored to be her daughter and strives to follow in her footsteps.

Outside of work, Maimuna finds fulfillment in various hobbies. She indulges in reading, gardening, crafting, cooking, and playing games, which provide her with moments of relaxation and creativity. These activities serve as outlets for self-expression and allow her to rejuvenate her mind and spirit. She enjoys movies and watching TV shows, some of her favorites being The Pursuit of Happyness, A Few Good Men, Sholay, Fukrey and DDLJ. Maimuna is currently watching a drama on Sony Entertainment “Katha Ankahee” (Cast Aditi Dev Sharma & Adnan Khan ), which is a remake of a Turkish drama – Binbir Gece.

The place that holds the most meaning to Maimuna is her home. She keeps her home cozy and simple, just enough to serve two. Her home is decorated with care and she loves to decorate with plants. She is passionate about gardening and is always on the lookout for potential places to house new plants.

Thank you Maimuna for all your contributions to Tvarana! Check out our other recent employee corner posts using the links below:


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