Inventory Count makes cycle counting in NetSuite easier than ever! Inventory Count’s bundle of features helps users sync the physical warehouse to inventory on NetSuite, perform regular warehouse counts and post inventory adjustments and record them in NetSuite, all while optimizing on time and effort.  Inventory Count’s recently released version 2023.2 brings a host of new features and enhancements, setting the stage for a more user-friendly and feature-rich experience. Our product roadmap promises users even more exciting advancements with the upcoming 2024.1 release. Stay tuned!

What’s New in Version 2023.2:

  1. Pre-built User Role (Warehouse Manager IC): Tvarana’s Inventory Count application now comes with a dedicated pre-built user role – Warehouse Manager IC. This role is crafted to efficiently manage inventory within an organization.
  2. Enhanced Dashboards: Say hello to visually appealing and highly functional dashboards! The latest version introduces dashboards that empower users to analyze and understand inventory counts standards regularly.
  3. Tally Count for Simple Items: Performing tally counts for simple items has never been easier. The 2023.2 version introduces the “Tally Count” feature, enabling users to handle simple items with ease and efficiency.
  4. Uncounted Item Processing Screen: A time-saving feature, the Uncounted Item Processing Screen allows users to create inventory adjustments for uncounted items with just a single click. Streamlining processes for enhanced efficiency.
  5. New Reports: Get ready for a data-rich experience with all-new reports, proving all necessary details about uncounted items, inventory numbers, and bins. These reports provide valuable insights into your inventory management processes.


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Looking Ahead to 2024.1:

Excitement is brewing as we get a sneak peek into the upcoming features of Inventory Count SuiteApp 2024.1. Here’s what’s in store for users:

  1. Inventory Portal Access: The ability to access the inventory portal will make managing inventory a breeze. Packed with advanced features, this portal promises to enhance efficiency and streamline inventory management processes. The added perk? It reduces NetSuite license costs for users conducting inventory counts, making it a cost-effective solution for your business.
  2. Cycle Counts Made Easy: The Inventory Count application is gearing up to introduce a user-friendly cycle count feature. Managing and conducting cycle counts will become more seamless, ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory data.
  3. Batch Approval: One of the most anticipated features, batch approval, is on the horizon. Soon to be part of the Inventory Count SuiteApp, this feature will streamline approval processes, saving time and improving overall efficiency with large sets of data.


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