In this month’s employee corner blog, we will be featuring Utsav Singh! Utsav currently works as a Senior NetSuite Consultant, where he analyses different business scenarios and provides optimal solutions to meet the requirements. In this role, he also develops code to simplify business processes and better meet the needs of the client. He first began working at Tvarana straight out of college, through a campus placement program. He is currently working on an interesting project to integrate CyberSource and NetSuite, which would facilitate making payments through tokenization.

Utsav’s biggest inspiration is his mother, as she motivates him to work hard and be resilient. He recalls that when he was 8, he got badly hurt while learning how to ride a bike. Afterward, he decided to quit learning, however, she encouraged him to keep trying. Through this experience, he learned to never give up on anything and keep on trying, even when faced with a rough situation. He has many other fond memories from his childhood and especially cherishes the times when he got to travel to different places with his family!

Outside of work, Utsav enjoys listening to music and reading poetry. He has even had the opportunity to attend Sonu Nigam’s concert at NIT Rourkela and shares that it was the best concert that he has ever been to. He also enjoys traveling and enjoys spending time in any place that connects him to nature. Utsav most recently visited Puri, a coastal city located in eastern India. In his free time, he also likes to watch television and is currently watching The Kapil Sharma Show. However, he values spending time with his family the most and says his favorite family tradition is to have a meal together without any distractions, like the TV, after offering to God.

We appreciate all of Utsav’s hard work here at Tvarana and can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next!

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