In this month’s Employee Corner blog, read all about our Senior NetSuite Consultant, Sai Priya Talluri. As a Senior Consultant, Sai Priya leverages her expertise in the functional and technical aspects of NetSuite to provide tailored solutions that help clients optimize their platform and achieve their goals. She does this by providing expert guidance and support through the process of configuring, customizing, and implementing NetSuite.

She is currently working as a techno-functional consultant for a client, where she can use her knowledge to provide valuable solutions. Working with their in-house team has been both challenging and exciting. She has found that her opinions and thoughts are valued and considered by the team, which allows her to contribute to the success of the projects and feel more confident. Overall, she feels fortunate to work with this team and is excited to keep growing and excelling in her role!

Sai Priya began working at Tvarana through a campus placement program. She says that working at Tvarana not only launched her career and gave her financial independence, but also helped her develop confidence and critical thinking skills when dealing with challenges. It has been a transformative experience that has contributed to her personal and professional growth through the guidance of mentors and colleagues. Sai Priya also draws inspiration from her grandfather. His wisdom, perspective, and progressive thinking serve as a guiding light, making him a role model for the entire family. He is an invaluable mentor, friend, and inspiration with his understanding of life and ability to connect with all.

Sai Priya has always been drawn to the challenge of mathematics and reasoning. She enjoys tackling these problems because they are like mental workouts to keep her feeling energized and engaged. She also enjoys watching movies and TV and is currently watching Wednesday on Netflix. Spending time with family is especially important to Sai Priya. Her favorite family tradition is getting together every year to celebrate festivals. She feels that special occasions create a sense of unity and belonging, bring back fond memories, and reinforce the love between family members.

We are grateful for all of Sai Priya’s hard work here at Tvarana! Follow the links below to check out more employee corners:

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