In this month’s Employee Corner Blog, meet Sai Krishna, who is one of our Senior NetSuite developers! In this role, Sai Krishna works on creating customized vertical and industry-specific applications tailored to fit customer needs. This involves communication with various clients, coming up with designs, and providing support to them. He is currently working on an exciting project for a software consulting and IT services company, where he gets to work with a lot of new clients.

Sai Krishna started working at Tvarana when they came for a campus drive at his college and has stayed with the company ever since. Getting a job was a big deal for him as it represented the first step towards independence. While making money was an exciting new prospect, there were a lot of emotions that went into his first employment experience. He feels that each new day in this role is a learning experience that has constantly taught him new life lessons.

In his career, Sai Krishna draws a lot of inspiration from his parents, mainly his father. He says that his father struggled for a very long time to find employment, however, in his 40s he learned new technology, worked day and night, and eventually got placed into a good company. His father’s work ethic and drive to provide his family with a good life motivate him.

In his free time, Sai Krishna enjoys traveling and cooking. More than eating, he enjoys the process of cooking and also likes to watch food vlogs from around the world. When traveling, he prefers to visit cold places. He is especially interested in Nubra valley and hopes to visit someday. Sai Krishna is interested in comedy TV shows and is currently watching “The Office.” He is also a big fan of the Harry Potter and Marvel franchises and never gets bored of watching those movies, along with his favorite Telegu films.

We appreciate Sai Krishna’s hard work and can’t wait to see what he will accomplish next! Learn more about some of our other outstanding employees through the links below:

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