Sahith Mamidala is an Integration Consultant at Tvarana, working on iPaas platforms such as Boomi and Celigo. His role involves developing automated processes to communicate between various applications to meet our client requirements. Currently, Sahith is involved in a project where he’s integrating three different computer programs. These programs work together to improve how clients manage the content on their websites. This project is all about making sure that information flows smoothly between these three applications, ultimately enhancing the way clients handle their website content.

Sahith’s journey into technology started early, thanks to his father’s job. He learned to use Adobe and Microsoft tools at a young age. His cousins, who were into tech stuff, also got him interested. With a keen interest in technology, Sahith decided to study computer science in college. It was there that Tvarana spotted his talent during campus recruitments and offered him a job in integration consulting.

Working at Tvarana has been a game-changer for Sahith. He had the valuable opportunity to receive training in ERP modules and integration tools from experienced professionals. Their insights and knowledge-sharing greatly contributed to his understanding of business intricacies, allowing him to effectively connect various scenarios.

Apart from his tech role, Sahith has many interests. He actively participated in martial arts training during his school days. Sahith’s first experience venturing beyond his home state took him to Chennai, where he competed in his inaugural international tournament. While he secured the runner-up position, the event left an indelible mark as a memorable and significant outing in his life. He also loves the world of movies and how stories are told on the big screen. Sahith finds inspiration from everyone he meets, no matter their success or failure. He believes everyone has something valuable to offer. He realized the importance of being humble and kind when he understood the value of his grandfather’s presence in his life.

Movies have a special place in Sahith’s heart. He enjoys movies of all kinds, especially thrillers. Some of his favorites include “11:14,” “Triangle,” “Grave of the Fireflies,” “Insidious,” “Awe,” and “ENE.” Right now, he’s excited about watching the “One Piece” series online. He dreams of visiting Kerala and experiencing its stunning backwaters and houseboats. He also hopes to see the mesmerizing Northern Lights someday. Diwali is a cherished festival in Sahith’s family. It brings everyone together for decorating the house, cooking delicious dishes, and offering prayers. The air is filled with a sense of spirituality and delightful aromas, making Diwali a special time for him.

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