Rajkumar Merugu is a NetSuite Technical Consultant at Tvarana. He started his career as an Associate Consultant in Tvarana’s Scripting team under vertical lead Uday Chand V, and after around two years moved to the product development team. Currently, Rajkumar works on Tvarana’s PortalsPro Vendor Portal and Customer portal, and provides support for SkyDoc’s document management portal. According to Rajkumar, one of his most memorable projects was his first one for client Almond Board of California, which entailed nearly 900 hours of work. In this project, he developed a Restlet to create customers in NetSuite, along with PDFs and screens tailored to Almond Board’s requirements. Rajkumar credits Uday for believing in him and entrusting him with such a significant project.

Rajkumar highlights the positive work culture and the support of his seniors at Tvarana, which motivates him to excel in his role. He finds satisfaction in providing solutions to clients, particularly when it reduces effort and time spent. This sense of accomplishment keeps him motivated to work harder. Aside from his career, Tvarana has impacted other areas of his life. Tvarana’s support extends beyond the workplace, offering interest-free loans to employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, which proved to be a lifeline for Rajkumar and many others.

Rajkumar’s childhood was spent in the company of farms and village friends. He fondly recalls playing games in his village and swimming in wells with friends. His early education was in a Telugu medium government school in his village, which holds a special place in his heart. Even during his weekends, he would visit farms and engage in farming activities. During the pandemic, he successfully juggled both his farming responsibilities and his job. Rajkumar hails from a family of farmers, with six brothers, including cousins, all engaged in farming. He stands out as the only one pursuing a software career, and he takes pride in being the “younger brother of farmers.”

Rajkumar draws inspiration from various individuals based on their reactions to different situations. His father is his first inspiration, teaching him the values of hard work and bravery. Cricketing superstar MS Dhoni has been a source of inspiration for Rajkumar Merugu, teaching him valuable life lessons about staying calm and dealing with life’s challenges. On the other hand, he has learned time management, risk-taking, and other valuable skills from Ankur Warikoo, CEO of Groupon India.

A significant turning point in Rajkumar’s life was his hospitalization due to jaundice. He realized that his food habits and daily routine were taking a toll on his health. After his recovery, he made substantial changes to his diet, including avoiding junk food and prioritizing water intake. Of late, Rajkumar has been practicing yoga, which he believes has been life-changing for his health.

For Rajkumar, his farm area is a sanctuary where he feels connected to his late father. The serene surroundings, cool breeze, and the sounds of birds provide solace. He even dreams of building a farmhouse on his farm for his retirement. One of his favorite family traditions is the “Bathukamma” festival, a celebration of flowers. During this festival, family members gather to make “Bathukamma,” arranging colorful flowers as a symbol of togetherness and culture.

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