Raghavan Mavandiyoor is the Director of Finance and Administration for Tvarana, managing finance and accounts. His key responsibilities include ensuring the profitability and liquidity of the company and keeping close control on administration and accounts.

Mr Raghavan has extensive experience in the financial sector. After retiring from a senior position in a bank, he was looking forward to taking up a challenging role where he could be closely involved in management, and the position at Tvarana was the perfect fit. An aspect of this role that is particularly enjoyable is the opportunity to work with and mentor a team of young professionals who are the future of Tvarana, with bright careers ahead of them. Mr Raghavan’s job keeps him busy all day, so much so that he forgets that he is a retiree with a history of 35 years in the field of banking.

Mr Raghavan grew up in rural Kerala, surrounded by lush green fields and rivers, enjoying farming activities and closeness with friends, family and neighbors. Unlike most children, Mr Raghavan loved school, and his father who was a school teacher inspired him to work hard to achieve his goals without compromising on principles. His family taught him the values of understanding gender equality and also the importance of hard work.

A banker on the move throughout his career, Mr Raghavan had many eye-opening experiences. The most notable among them was during his tenure in Gandhidham, Gujarat from 1999-2001 when he had the first-hand experience of a major earthquake. During the worst earthquake in the recent history of India, Mr Raghavan realized the true meaning of the phrase “Man proposes, God disposes”. On January 26, 2001(Indian Republic day) at 8.46am, tremors brought all the buildings in the district to dust. In a matter of just a minute he saw a big multi-storied building crumbling like a pack of cards, channels of communication getting cut, thousands of human beings trapped under the rubble struggling for their lives, and people coming out to help their suffering brethren in a multitude of ways. Seeing people from all walks of life sleeping on the roads over the next few months, and people sharing their food with others irrespective of caste, creed, religion or region drove home the realization that this life is “NASWARAM KSHANA BHANGURAM”, that is ‘We are all here for a short period and we should not waste our lives on petty quarrels’.

During his previous employment, Mr Raghavan had the opportunity to travel prolifically, working in various states of the country such as Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and of course, his home-state, Kerala. He also visited a number of foreign countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, UK, other European countries and the US. His love for travel has only slightly been dimmed by the COVID pandemic of 2020, and he looks forward to resuming globe-trotting once again when things revert to normalcy.

Aside from work, Mr Raghavan is actively involved in the affairs of the residents welfare society where he currently lives. He enjoys growing organic vegetables and fruits, going on long drives, yoga and meditation.  In his spare time, he watches the news and movies, the last one being the Malayalam movie “Manichithra thazhu”, starring Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi and Shobhana as the main actors.
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