This Employee Corner blog is about Olivia Keneipp, Tvarana’s Project Manager! Prior to working at Tvarana, Olivia took a hiatus from the corporate world to work at a tasting room for a craft-cocktail distillery. She is currently leading a project to increase visibility and communication within the organization. The primary objective of this initiative is to foster a deeper understanding of how individual contributions intersect with one another, ultimately creating a more cohesive and interconnected work environment.

Growing up, Olivia was a figure skater, and her love for the sport brought her immense joy. At the age of ten, she had the opportunity to participate in her annual holiday show alongside her best friend. Together, they performed a duet, showcasing synchronized jumps and captivating tricks that otherwise could not be performed solo. The experience not only elevated the quality of their performance, but also strengthened their bond as friends.

Olivia has always had a fondness for projects that challenge her to learn and grow. Her latest undertaking involves renovating a fixer-upper home that is over a century old. While the house may have presented numerous problems and required extensive work, Olivia saw it as an opportunity for personal growth and self-expression. From understanding the inner workings of an antiquated heating system to reimagining the space to align with modern living, Olivia’s project is a constant source of curiosity and satisfaction.

Olivia draws inspiration from various people in her life. Her grandfather, an entrepreneur, has continually pursued new projects and ventures, embodying a lifelong love of learning. His unwavering curiosity and passion serve as a guiding light for Olivia’s own endeavors. Additionally, her mother-in-law’s commitment to meaningful work rather than mere financial gain has inspired Olivia to prioritize her own values and interests in her career choices. Her interest in books took on a new meaning during the pandemic, where she found in reading, particularly mystery novels. One book that deeply resonated with her was about a group of women who united to combat sexism in the air travel industry. The complex portrayal of individuals navigating a flawed system while simultaneously benefiting from it struck a chord with Olivia. This tale of courage and activism served as a reminder that change is possible, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

Sometimes, unexpected events can lead to life-changing experiences. Such was the case when Olivia attended a puppy-adoption event “just to look.” Little did she know that a tiny, adorable puppy named Reyna would capture her heart and become a cherished part of her life. Reyna’s presence has brought about positive changes, from encouraging healthier habits through daily walks to fostering a sense of responsibility and providing constant love and happiness.

Olivia’s taste in movies and TV shows reflects her appreciation for humor, history, and the unconventional. The movie “Clue” holds a special place in her heart, with its delightful absurdity and multiple endings adding to its charm. Additionally, she highly recommends the TV series “The Great,” featuring Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great of Russia. This dark and witty period piece captures Olivia’s imagination and showcases her love for historical storytelling.

For Olivia, spending time by the ocean brings a sense of tranquility and joy. Marine Park beach in her hometown, Bellingham, WA, holds a special place in her heart. Despite her current location in Taos without immediate beach access, Olivia ensures that she maximizes her time near the water whenever she visits home. A cherished annual tradition is a trip to Orcas Island, where she indulges in all her favorite seafood dishes, takes in the beauty of the island, and enjoys moments of relaxation with loved ones.

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