Naveena is a lead consultant at Tvarana, working with the business team. She started out with Tvarana as a trainee, quickly climbing the ranks to become a senior consultant, and finally leading a team of 17 consultants. Her responsibilities revolve around managing her team and working on client deliverables. Naveena has a simple work philosophy- she finds joy in any kind of project, be it simple or complex. She feels excited to get to work everyday, and enjoys dealing with clients and their varying demands and work styles. With projects that are less demanding, the simple process of completing them gives Naveena a sense of fulfillment. For the more complex tasks, the thrill comes from finding a solution. Naveena is currently working on a project for client Sensors and Software, and an Indian tax implementation project for digital advertising juggernaut, M&C Saatchi.

Naveena has been with Tvarana since Feb of 2014. She was initially going to skip the Tvarana campus interviews being conducted at her college as they were held during Pongal holidays, an important harvest festival celebrated in South India. Naveena ended up appearing for the interviews, and after three successful rounds, met with the HR team and interviewers in person- a meeting that created a lasting impression on her. Their professionalism and friendly disposition convinced her that the work culture at Tvarana would be the right fit for her. She accepted her offer without hesitation and has not looked back since then. During her six years at Tvarana, Naveena has travelled thrice to the US to support clients, as well as going onsite for a client Netsuite implementation. Working with Tvarana has opened doors for Naveena, boosting her confidence and encouraging her to travel and explore new things.

Naveena grew up in a village called Ramachandrapuram in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, an area dominated by conservative ideologies, where girls were required to stay in their homes at all times, except for when they would go to school. Naveena’s father, however, did not want these restrictions imposed on his daughter. He would take her with him everywhere he went, and even taught her to ride a motorbike in the fourth grade! Naveena’s childhood was spent riding her bike with her father in the backseat, playing cricket with her uncles and brothers, and other mischievous pursuits. Naveena still misses her village after moving to bigger cities for education and work, and remembers the wonderful childhood she had there.

Naveena is not one to find inspiration in others or esoteric ideals. While she admits to claiming in her undergrad days that she was inspired by Swami Vivekanada, an Indian spiritual leader and monk, she has since discarded those ideas. Bold, independent and outspoken, Naveena is driven by her own ideas of how the world should be. She is not afraid to chase her dreams, and relies on her heart and mind to guide her making life decisions.

When she isn’t working, Naveena enjoys watching movies. A self-proclaimed movie buff, Naveena doesn’t discriminate between genres or languages. She will avidly soak in everything, from regional movies to Hollywood blockbusters. On her current watch-list is Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ and ‘Kissing booth- Season 2’. Naveena loves watching sunsets on the beach, especially in her hometown, and celebrating festivals with her family.

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