Mithulasri Vuppalapatti is a Senior Functional Consultant at Tvarana, currently leading and supporting global advertising agency client, M&C Saatchi. She works with clients to understand their business needs, process their requirements and then design an appropriate solution. In the case of M&C Saatchi, Mithulasri overlooks the work plan to ensure that all requirements are being met. As Saatchi continues to grow and expand into different territories, Mithulasri is closely involved in gathering requirements for countries being added to NetSuite. She find this process both challenging and exciting, as her knowledge expands and matures to applying the same process for different, more country-specific requirements.


Tvarana was Mithulasri’s first job right after graduating from college. She was attracted to the friendly and flexible work-culture, and enjoyed the hands-on work philosophy from her very first day. Working for Tvarana has played a big part in building her career, independence and sense of self-confidence. Mithulasri, an introvert since childhood, found it hard to hold conversations with strangers when she first started working at Tvarana. She has since overcome her shyness through the process of communicating with clients in her day-to-day work, and now finds joy in meeting and interacting with new people. She also enjoys her responsibilities of being a teacher and mentor for new joinees at the company.


Mithulasri was born and raised in the village of Nedragunta, just outside the district of Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh. She moved to Hyderabad in 2017 when she was hired by Tvarana. An observant child, Mithulasri loved sitting outside her home and watching passersby in silence. While it seemed odd to her family, the simple act of watching people, their idiosyncrasies and interactions would put a smile on her face, and it is something she still enjoys doing when she goes back to her hometown. Her shy, trusting nature as a child made her susceptible to being manipulated by others. She learned a valuable life lesson when a stranger came to her asking to the keys to their family cement store. He claimed that he had been sent by her dad, but instead stole 3 lac worth of materials after being let in. The experience was eye opening for Mithulasri, showing her that not all people live life in an honest and genuine way. These days, Mithulasri looks forward to going back to her home every year to celebrate the festival of Pongal. This festival holds a special place in her heart and she sees it as time set aside to focus on bonding with her family members.


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