Looking for a solution that manages all your documents and files by enabling internal and external collaboration and document sharing with NetSuite? SkyDoc, a SuiteApp by Tvarana is a document management solution built on the NetSuite platform. Leveraging the capabilities of Amazon AWS, SkyDoc offers users pay-as-you-go scalable, secure storage with no limits on file number or size. SkyDoc comes packed with a number of useful features, one of them being Folders.

SkyDoc Folders

The SkyDoc Folders page is used to view all the documents uploaded to all the folders which a user has access to. Users can also perform certain actions like upload, copy, move, check out and approval.


skydoc folders netsuite storage tvarana

  • REFRESH button refreshes the SkyDoc folders page and makes us view the updated files/folders in this page.
  • The UPLOAD FILES button allows us to upload files into SkyDoc folders.
  • NEW FOLDER button allows us to create new folders.
  • MOVE FILES and COPY FILES buttons allow us to move or copy files from one folder to another within the SkyDoc folders as required.
  • DELETE FILES button is used to delete files from the folders.
  • The CHECKOUT button is used to check out any files.
  • SEND FOR APPROVAL, APPROVE and REJECT buttons are used in the approval workflow.


By choosing a folder we can see the files present in them with different columns as shown below:

skydoc folders netsuite storage tvarana

  1. The NAME column represents the file name with the updated version and the file can be previewed by hovering over the file name.
  2. By clicking on the version number, previous versions of the file can be viewed.
  3. The TYPE column shows the type of the file.
  4. The CATEGORY column displays the category values added to the file.
  5. The ATTACHED TO RECORD column shows the record which the file is attached to.
  6. File can be viewed or downloaded using the ACTION column by clicking the respective buttons in the column.

Status column shows the approval status of the file.


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