SkyDoc is Tvarana’s Built-For-Netsuite Document Management System which enables internal and external document sharing and collaboration among users. SkyDoc is packed with a variety of helpful features that provide a seamless user experience!

Some of these features can be found in the Skydoc folder list, and are described in greater detail below:

SkyDoc NetSuite Tvarana

Add Note:
Enables users to attach notes to a record 
Enables users to move or copy files from one record to another 
Attach Files:
Enables users to attach files that have been uploaded externally or uploaded to a SkyDoc Folder to a NetSuite record
SkyDoc Gallery:
This feature shows images in the SkyDoc Display List
Users can find the file’s version number next to its name. Skydoc automatically does version management. 
Transaction Files/Related Record Files:
The “Transaction Files” button enables users to view files attached to a selected entity’s related transactions.
The “Related Record Files” tab on a transaction record enables users to view files attached to any transaction record that is related to the current record.
Split-Screen view:
Enables users to preview a selected file in a split-screen format, as shown below. This can be done by hovering over the file name and then clicking “PREVIEW” 


Check Out:
Skydoc supports file check-outs to prevent conflicts that may arise when multiple users try to edit a file concurrently.


This blog simply scratches the surface of all the useful features that SkyDoc has to offer! Click here to keep reading about this system or contact us to schedule a demo today!


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