The process of creating and sending invoices can often be tedious and repetitive, however, Tvarana has the perfect solution for you! With our Bulk Email Invoice SuiteApp, you can easily generate bulk transaction emails and include multiple invoice attachments using customizable filters and templates. BEI offers a variety of features that allow you to tailor the invoicing process to your business needs and make the process more efficient overall. 

One feature that can be especially useful when a customer needs to receive multiple invoices is BEI Multi-Attach. This feature allows users to send all relevant attachments in a single email, rather than sending out each invoice in a separate email. Not only does this save time for the sender, but it also keeps the customer from being overwhelmed by numerous emails. 

To use the multi-attach feature, navigate to the BEI screen (Customer > Sales > Bulk Email Invoice using the Accounting center role) and check the “Send Multi-Attach Email” checkbox before processing the invoices. Once the multi-attach feature has been enabled, use the filters to select the necessary invoices, and then hit the process button. 

After the emails have been successfully processed, the user who initiated the processing will receive a confirmation email that looks like the one shown below: 

The multi-attach email received by the customer will look like the one below. Through this email, customers will be able to view all of the attached invoices as pdfs and download them as well. 

Are you a current BEI user looking to learn more about the app’s features and benefits? Stay tuned for the rest of our ‘BEI Hidden Features’ series, where we will walk you through a variety of the Bulk Email Invoice App’s most helpful functions! 


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