We are approached by a lot of NetSuite customers in reference to the open invoice follow-ups. This is required especially when customers do not clear payment regularly. As a process, it is mandatory to email open invoices to customers and receive their feedback.

After much analysis and consideration, our team devised an app called Bulk Email App which can be used in NetSuite ERP to handle emailing and monitoring of bulk invoices. Bulk email App uses Suitelet in the background which increases the speed of executing the instructions, thus handling multiple processes in a swift manner.

Key features of Bulk email app are as follows :

  • Bulk email app can be used to sort and select up to 300 invoices (open or closed) in single instruction. This functionality helps in analyzing details of all Invoices that are open from a particular customer so that informed decisions can be made by Accounts team before delivering new orders to the customer.
  • All Invoices that can be seen on screen (maximum of 300 invoices) can be mailed to 10 members (or 10 emails can be sent) simultaneously. As multiple invoices can be mailed to 10 companies, so it saves time in sending emails individually to suppliers, distributors or other stakeholders.
  • Invoices or documents can be mailed as attachments in various formats such as PDFs which makes it easy for users to save, read and print the document as per their convenience.
  • Bulk email app has a lot of options to filter open Invoices based on different criterias. Some options of filtering the invoices are as given below :

1) Filter invoices by Customer name
2) Filter invoices by Department
3) Filter invoices by Location
4) Filter invoices by date range where a user can manually select the range of start date and end date.
5) Filter invoices by the status of Invoice i.e user can filter invoices which are either open or closed.

  • Bulk email app helps in tracking emails of Open invoices (unlocked Invoices can be tracked). This is an important function as it helps the users to track the status of open invoices This is a time-saving feature which allows the sales team to focus on new orders.
  • Bulk email app provides multi-attachment functionality. Users can send attach multiple invoices to the same mail rather than sending one mail per invoice. Our customer loved this feature where users send out one mail for 5 open invoices rather than 1 mail per invoice.
  • Bulk email app supports filter functionality called exclude Invoice functionality. Here, the user can mark and exclude all invoices which are irrelevant for the current sorting purpose. Suppose, within the list of all invoices, currently, you do not want to consider invoices of ABC company, then you can mark all those invoices and exclude them. After executing exclusion process, all invoices of ABC company will be removed from the screen (invoices will not be deleted permanently) and you can use all available filter options to sort the remaining invoices as per requirement.

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