Marketo implementation

Marketo Implementation

We provide comprehensive design and implementation services for Marketo. Our team consists of certified experts dedicated to configuring the platform not only according to industry best practices but, more importantly, tailored to your specific needs. We ensure that your Marketo setup is optimized to effectively execute your digital marketing strategy. Our implementation  services include:

  • Customized Program Templates
  • Email & Landing Page Templates
  • Global Forms
  • Global SmartLists
  • CRM or data warehouse integration
  • Integration with other platforms (Launchpoint partners)
  • Define and setup success metrics


Campaign Execution

If your team doesn’t have the bandwidth to execute campaigns, we can seamlessly integrate with your operations to assist in setting up and running campaigns. Our services include:

  • Build, schedule & execute campaigns
  • Campaign testing – review content, lists, flow, program statuses, follow up actions
  • Campaign performance reports

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Platform Migration

Need help transitioning to a new marketing automation platform? Our migration services encompass a thorough review, formatting, and cleansing of data and assets, ensuring they are seamlessly transferred and optimized within the new platform.

  • Data Strategy 
  • Data treatment
  • QA
  • Training & Enablement
  • Documentation


Marketo Consulting

Whether you’re seeking to identify and address funnel leaks, implement new features such as setting up a preference center, or optimize your current setup, we have solutions to meet your specific needs. Our expertise allows us to pinpoint issues, introduce new features, and enhance overall efficiency in alignment with your objectives.

  • Health Check – Review current setup and recommend ways to optimize lead database health, program setup and reporting capabilities. 
  • Martech strategy – Evaluate marketing automation platforms, define data strategy for marketing automation platforms to ensure data integrity and reliable reporting
  • Full funnel reporting – Design and build full funnel reporting from acquisition to conversion
  • Lead Management – Define processes to manage leads – lead capture, routing, qualification and hand-off
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment – Define processes for lead hand-offs and feedback between Marketing and Sales
  • Troubleshooting


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