Are your customers tired of having their inboxes filled with invoices within a short period of time? NetSuite has a SuiteSolution that can solve this problem! Consolidated Invoicing cuts through the issue of generating multiple invoices for high-volume customers, and keeps your interactions with them simple, streamlined and stress-free. This SuiteSolution enables you to generate a PDF that summarizes multiple invoices for a specified time period in one place. Instead of receiving several emails containing invoices for each transaction, your customers receive just one invoice containing all the information they need via Consolidated Invoicing.

Key Features of Consolidated Invoicing:

  • Bundling multiple invoices into one single invoice
  • Automatically email Consolidated Invoices with advanced scheduling
  • Simple user interface to consolidate invoices with ease
  • Exclude selected customers or invoices from consolidation
  • Ability to either print or email Consolidated Invoices
  • Accept payments for Consolidated Invoices


How Consolidated Invoicing works:

  • Configure the customer record so that they can use the Consolidated Invoicing solution. The navigation is as follows List > Custom > Consolidated Invoicing Setup.

NetSuite Consolidated Invoicing Setup


  • The Consolidated Invoicing Setup page displays an interface where online consolidation and scheduling is to be enabled. Make sure you enable these fields for the All Customers option and hit Save. Once this is done you are ready to use Consolidated Invoicing!

NetSuite Consolidated Invoicing Setup


  • Use the navigation Lists > Custom > Consolidate Customer Invoices to select invoices to consolidate to send to your customers. Check the invoices that need to be consolidated and hit Submit to generate the consolidate PDF.

NetSuite Consolidated Invoicing page


  • The screenshot below shows the consolidated invoice that can either be emailed or printed

Netsuite Consolidated Invoice


  • The PDF generated shows a template with two invoices containing all relevant invoicing details

NetSuite Consolidated InvoicING PDF

Apart from Consolidated Invoicing, Tvarana has many NetSuite solutions to offer. Your organization could benefit from our Consolidated Invoicing solution or any of our other NetSuite solutions! Contact us today to learn more.


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