A Warehouse Management System or WMS is a software solution that helps in streamlining and automating warehouse operations, providing businesses complete visibility into their supply chain and inventory, right from the time an item enters the warehouse to its delivery to the end user. WMS is a sophisticated software that guides inventory receiving and put-away, optimizes picking and shipping of orders and advises on inventory replenishment. Supporting day-to-day operations in a warehouse, a WMS minimizes user error and speeds up the process of order fulfillment. Warehouse Management Systems can differ widely based on the size and nature of the organization. These systems can be standalone, or a module in a larger ERP suite. An example of the latter is NetSuite’s WMS Lite, which is perfect for small businesses. NetSuite also offers WMS Advanced for larger, more complex businesses.

WMS Lite expands on NetSuite’s native inventory and warehousing functionalities and offers mobile RF handheld scanning. WMS Lite helps speed up operations, reduce error and automate processes for smaller warehouses, stockrooms and storage facilities where WMS Advanced capabilities would not be applicable. WMS Lite is ideal for less complex warehouses where optimization strategies are not required, retail stores, and mobile inventory where trucks, trailers or non-traditional environments can serve as distribution centers. Some of the key benefits of the NetSuite WMS Lite module are:

  • Quick deployment: The WMS Lite module can be added to an existing NetSuite implementation within the matter of a few weeks without major disruptions or process changes
  • Bar code scanning for greater efficiency: This feature replaces and automates manual warehouse scanning with a RF mobile scanner
  • Improved customer satisfaction: WMS Lite speeds up order fulfillment rates and increases accuracy while reducing shipping errors
  • Gain visibility: WMS Lite allows users real-time access into transactions and inventory movements as they occur in the warehouse


WMS Lite comes jam-packed with a number of features that can streamline operations and fit seamlessly into the larger NetSuite platform. Some of its key features are:

  • Bar code scanning
  • Wireless RF/mobile handheld devices
  • Cycle counting
  • Single and multi-order picking
  • Inventory moves and transfers
  • Work orders and assemblies
  • Returns
  • Serial number tracking
  • Multiple UPC codes
  • Lot/batch number with FIFO and FEFO
  • User-defined Putaway and Pick strategies
  • Integrated advance ship notice
  • GS1 label and packlist printing
  • Warehouse activity dashboards


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