As leaders, CEOs understand the significance of optimizing processes, fostering collaboration, and maximizing productivity within their organizations. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective document management in NetSuite plays a vital role in achieving these goals. SkyDoc, a SuiteApp by Tvarana, is a robust document management system for NetSuite designed to streamline collaboration and document sharing. With its array of features, SkyDoc ensures a seamless experience for managing documents and can be a valuable asset to any company leader.

One of the standout features of SkyDoc is Line Level Drag/Drop. This functionality enables users to upload necessary files directly at the line item level. 

To activate this feature, simply navigate to the SkyDoc setup page and select the “ENABLE DRAG AND DROP IN LINE LEVEL” checkbox. Save the changes by clicking the SAVE button.

netsuite document management system skydoc

Once enabled, open any expense report or vendor bill records in NetSuite. Under the expenses subtab, you’ll find the “Drag and Drop” option available in the “SKYDOC UPLOAD” column. Effortlessly drag and drop the file into the SKYDOC UPLOAD column to upload it. A confirmation message will appear in the Drag and Drop box upon successful upload.

To access the uploaded file, click the refresh icon in the “SKYDOC FILE” column field. From there, you can choose to download or preview the file using the respective icons in the SkyDoc file column field. Additionally, by clicking the file name under the “AWS IDS” column, you can open the AWS record associated with the file.

Users can conveniently view the files uploaded through the line level drag and drop feature under the SkyDoc subtab, providing easy access to all relevant documents.

netsuite document management system skydoc


As a CEO, you have a unique opportunity to drive organizational growth and success. By implementing SkyDoc, you can transform your document management processes, unlock new levels of efficiency, and foster a collaborative culture within your organization. With its array of powerful features, SkyDoc streamlines operations, enhances data security, and ensures compliance. Take the first step towards improved document management today and witness the positive impact it can have on your organization’s productivity and bottom line. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more.


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