COVID-19 has created numerous challenges for companies, in particular for HR teams worldwide. One such challenge faced by Human Resources is maintaining engagement and attendance management for employees who are currently working from home. Keeping employees engaged and motivated while in extended lockdown requires effort and ingenuity on the part of HR. Managing attendance for employees while they work from home can be tedious and time consuming, and there needs to be a process in place to ensure a clear distinction between leave and work-from-home for accurate payroll processing. 

PeopleHub, an HR Payroll and Employee Self-serve SuiteApp by Tvarana, has a unique feature that enables HR teams to efficiently record attendance of work-from-home employees, cutting down on time taken to verify through other tools or applications. The direct integration of leave and attendance management not only streamlines the entire payroll process, but also increases accuracy and eliminates human error. Reporting managers can keep track of employee attendance through PeopleHub’s easy-to-use interface. The employee self-serve portal boosts engagement and motivation with rewards badges, newsletters and company updates. There is also an added benefit of building accountability through the regular practice of logging in and marking attendance.  


How does PeopleHub attendance management work?

  • In order to mark attendance in PeopleHub, the employee will need to log in to the employee self service portal 
  • Under the Leave Module, apply for work-from-home for your chosen number of days i.e either for a week or for the entire month

Tvarana PeopleHub SuiteApp HR NetSuite

  • Once work-from-home has been applied for and submitted, an automated mail is sent to the reporting manager
  • The designated approver can approve or reject the request by logging in to the portal

Tvarana PeopleHub SuiteApp HR NetSuite



How does PeopleHub help in payroll processing?

  • HR / Payroll Manager can download attendance reports using the admin access

Tvarana PeopleHub SuiteApp HR NetSuite


Tvarana PeopleHub SuiteApp HR NetSuite

  • HR can follow up with employees or managers in the case that marking attendance has been missed by anyone
  • With attendance and leave being integrated into payroll, the entire process is streamlined


What are the benefits of PeopleHub’s attendance module?

  • Tracks employee attendance without any additional tools
  • Reduces time and effort spent by HR teams on monitoring employee attendance
  • Integration with payroll for faster and more accurate processing
  • Boosts employee engagement 


Need more information on how Tvarana’s PeopleHub SuiteApp can streamline your HR and payroll processes? Talk to our team of experts today.


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