Tvarana’s SkyDoc SuiteApp for NetSuite is an advanced document management solution, offering a seamless transition towards a paperless and hassle-free document management system tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Traditional paper document management consumes physical space, involves manual filing, and poses challenges in retrieval. Additionally, it slows down business processes through time-consuming tasks like printing, scanning, mailing, or faxing. The SkyDoc SuiteApp facilitates a smooth transition to a paperless environment, enabling organizations to securely store, access, and share documents effortlessly. SkyDoc contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing paper consumption and waste.

Key Features:

  • Digital Storage: SkyDoc empowers users to store, organize, and access documents digitally at an affordable price. No more having to deal with NetSuite file cabinet issues!
  • Seamless Access: Users can effortlessly download or view documents with a single click.
  • Built on the NetSuite platform: Utilize drag and drop functionality to attach files to NetSuite records.
  • Secure Sharing: SkyDoc allows document sharing for users with and without NetSuite access through the SkyDoc portal.
  • Access Management: Efficiently manage document access based on organizational requirements.
  • User-Friendly Interface: SkyDoc is equipped with numerous features, providing a superior user experience.

By embracing a paperless approach with SkyDoc, organizations can streamline their document management system, taking a significant step towards the digital era.

To learn about Skydoc’s features and functionalities, set up a consultation with us today.

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